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Raj Nagi, motivational speaker and evangelist, has a global ministry of prayer, healing and words of knowledge for encouragement and motivation in the name of Jesus Christ. Based in America, Pastor Raj travels over the border with Canada and across the ocean to India to preach the Gospel and minister the truth of God’s Word and motivate people. After being given a Word from God for His people in a vision, Brother Raj has a passionate fire to transmit that message to all who have ears to hear.


Eight Hours in Heaven is the written testimony and vision God gave to Brother Raj for His people around the world. This record of his journey, including his testimony, the testimony of his wife and his former pastor and brother pastors, is an effective means of transmitting this message around the world. Coming soon, the book will be available from this website and copies will be with Pastor Raj as he travels to speak and encourage around the world.

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Raj Nagi
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Pastor Anand Jivan
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Director of Women's Ministry

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